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LED TV Repair In New York
LED TV Repair

Locating a LED TV repair technician in New York, NY is relatively simple, however finding a certified LED TV repairman in the New York, NY area is not so easy. With the changes in technology, we have come a long way from the standard TV repairman who could change a bulb to fix a problem. Today even the most advanced LED TV might need some maintenance after several years or decade of use. This is when it is important that you deal with a technician that has been certified by manufacturer’s training program. Although those training are typically offered at no charge, for a small LED TV operator it means a minimum of one day away from his market with no revenues and possibly unhappy customers tired of waiting. With TV Repair New York, each one of our technician has their own truck, with a large inventory of parts that cover the vast majority of repair jobs. This way you don’t have to wait any longer and typically your LED TV will be functional after the tech leaves.

We also offer services on other types of TV such as DLP, LCD, Plasma and Big Screen TV. Upon arrival to your house our technician will immediately gather information on the problem or problems and will then proceed into inspecting the equipment to provide you with a quick estimate for any parts and labor that may be needed. TV Repair New York's techs having been in the industry for many years, servicing the New York, NY area and offering some of the most competitive prices and has access to parts from the main brands such as LG, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, Sanyo, Panasonic, etc. If you accept the estimate the repair might proceed immediately if our technician has the needed part or parts in his truck. If not, the technician will order the part before he leaves your house. Our customer service will schedule a new appointment A.S.A.P of our technician’s visit, in most cases we try to go out of our way to send you the same technician so that he is already familiar with your LED TV and can proceed with the repair.

If your LED TV can be fixed, you can count on us it will be done at the most competitive price possible in the shortest amount of time by our specialized technicians. In addition, we will also offer you a written full guarantee of at least 30 days on all parts and labor. These kinds of interactions are essential for TV Repair New York, as it is our way we can continue to work on the quality of our services. We hope that your relationship with our company will go beyond your LED TV repair and you will not hesitate to recommend our services to your friends, colleagues and family. We hope that our WIN – WIN approach will meet your satisfaction. In case of any problems do not hesitate to contact us directly at (332) 900-9433.

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